Access is only the first step. The giant leap is retention.

Challenged students can go from first year, to graduation, to employment — with our help.

Seamless support programs are part of the answer.

The New Adult Education: Key to Overdue Opportunity and a Dynamic Workforce

October 5, 2016 at Middlesex Community College. While adult education has been around for many years, the nature and quality has varied widely, depending on the type  of community, whether any given school system sees adult  ed as a positive or negative part of its K-12 system,  and  more.  Recently, more people in Connecticut (and perhaps

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College Retention is Everyone’s Challenge

This op-ed article was published by CT Mirror. For generations past, graduation from high school was adequate and more or less guaranteed employability at a living wage. College was for the rich and otherwise privileged minority on their way to a business or professional career, and to continued advantage. That division of labor, well-suited to

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