Access is only the first step. The giant leap is retention.

Challenged students can go from first year, to graduation, to employment — with our help.

Seamless support programs are part of the answer.

College Retention is Everyone’s Challenge

This op-ed article was published by CT Mirror. For generations past, graduation from high school was adequate and more or less guaranteed employability at a living wage. College was for the rich and otherwise privileged minority on their way to a business or professional career, and to continued advantage. That division of labor, well-suited to

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College Bills Require Strategy

Article published in The Hartford Courant on May 25, 2014 According to The College Board, in inflation-adjusted dollars, the cost of tuition more than doubled between 1973 and 2013; per student borrowing increased from $1,066 in 1970 to $6,928 in 2012; the number of borrowers more than doubled over the past decade; and 41 percent

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"To improve graduation rates, we must identify and advance the best solutions. The Center for Higher Education Retention Excellence brings people together to do just that."

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